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MHTML stands for Modular HyperText Markup Language. As its name implies, it introduces modularity in HTML and XHTML as a preprocessing stage, consequently preserving compatibility with W3C standards. To fulfill this goal, MHTML extends the host language with a set of markups that are fully XML-compliant.


The main goal of Modular HTML is to provide a layer for reusing artifacts (modules) to safely compose web pages.One of its main feature is the possibility to create and use templates for web page independently of any visual tool or scripting language. The pre-processor we provide is capable of assuring the page web it generates are valid with respect to the W3C standards.
Modular HTML first appeared in:

Claude Kirchner, Helene Kirchner and Anderson Santana. Anchoring modularity in HTML. In 1st Int'l Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Sites Valencia, Spain, March 14-15, 2005 .

Additionally, MHTML makes heavy use of TOM for its internal processing and thus hopes to demonstrate its power.


Both MHTML binary and source code are freely available, you can download them in the downloads section of this site.
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